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About Us.

From humble beginnings and a dream. We saw a way to change the industry and this is how we plan to take on the challenge.

"We're sort of like a Fintech start-up, we like to keep a balanced environment where finance, innovation and people come together..."

How we started_

From its humble beginnings on Reece’s dining table, where he built an initial client base with just his plants for company, ACFA has grown into a thriving, exciting place for dynamic professionals. As a proactive employer we don’t insist on employing experienced staff, we love giving people a chance.
 The people who join us have the aptitude and enthusiasm to develop their business skills, delight our clients and make the working day fun!

Core values.

Core values are important to us, we believe in creating strong relationships founded on the five principles of respect, integrity, honesty, trust and transparency. In return we ask for the same.

We’re big on standards and like to set the bar high – our strategic aim is to be ‘a global leader in accountancy and professional services’. We pride ourselves in customer care and strive to deliver a world-class service built around five priorities:
– be technology enabled
– deliver exceptional value to our clients
– empower our people
– lead by example
– reduce environmental impact

Acting with purpose.

Our purpose is simple: to build a community of trusted professionals, add value to society and help solve important issues. It’s this focus that forms the basis for the decisions we make, services we provide and the technology we use.

We know that to achieve this we need to be innovative, responsible and attract outstanding people. This is recognized in our core values and strategic aim.

Our people remain central to our business model. Attracting the right talent is paramount and as a progressive employer we will continue to develop a diverse and agile workforce who feel empowered to be the best they can be.

Being the best & goal setting.

With dedicated professional training and the ACFA eco-system, we support our people to be the best they can be.
 We work with clients from every industry imaginable, and from start-ups to multi-national companies. Every business is unique, so whatever you do, we have the expertise you need to grow and become more successful.

As our business has grown, so too have the services we provide. Our strategic planning services helps clients to live their dreams. We’re big believers in mindfullness and meditation! We help clients to visualise where they want their business to be, then we show them the path to get there.

Environmental sustainability.

Our business model centers around one key focus: to reduce environmental impact caused by the excessive use and waste of paper. Our paperless solution was designed to protect the trees, free more revenues and clear your storage of old files and records.

We can help clients reduce their paper filing and records by 90% – 100%* by converting your old paper files into one digital archive. With all your records in one centralised system you’ll have secure and easy access, at any time.

*subject to limitations


It's never been easier to take control of your finances.